The gender agenda.

That's our focus.


Our company

Our mission is to support the supporters. Founded in 2000, Aurora Ventures is a purpose-driven enterprise focused on social and economic change. We work with influential companies and groups worldwide who share a deep connection and alignment with our purpose.

From campaigns and collaborations, to platforms and products - we create powerful opportunities and resources that shine a light on women's equality. Our enterprise is comprised of mission-focused, internationally dispersed teams and our work is mighty.

Our values

Great work doesn't happen without passion, intelligence and commitment - so we love getting to know our clients really well via their goals, challenges and opportunities. Our core values consistently guide and define our work.

PURPOSE: We believe good work happens when you're committed to a mission and surrounded by those who share a vision.

EQUALITY: We believe in forging a fair, inclusive, dynamic world for women and that an equal world is an enabled world.

TRUST: We deeply value relationships and are compelled to act in our clients' best interests always.

FLEXIBILITY: We appreciate that things change, needs alter and accommodation is key.

TENACITY: We thrive on delivering our best work and brightest thinking whatever the project.

ACHIEVEMENT: We are results-orientated, focusing on outcomes, impact and delivery.

Our name

"Aurora" - where does it come from? Aurora is the Roman Goddess of the Dawn - the first to awake, the bringer of clarity and light, a catalyst for new opportunities and moments. She sparkles. We think this is pretty relevant!

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