The gender agenda.

That's our focus.

100% !!

Aurora is a female-focused marketing company founded in 2000. We're a globally dispersed international team of enthusiastic people driven by the idea of helping create an equal and exciting world for women. We focus on women working for great employers in exciting roles, and women making or influencing business purchasing decisions. Read more about our work.

Our values

Great work doesn't happen without passion, intelligence and commitment. We love getting to know our clients really well via their goals, challenges and opportunities. Our core values consistently guide and define our work.

TRUST: We deeply value relationships and are compelled to act in our clients' best interests always
PURPOSE: We believe that a clear sense of purpose and meaning drive great organisations and people
EQUALITY: We have faith in, and a commitment to, helping forge a fair and inclusive world
FLEXIBILITY: We appreciate that things change and needs differ and accomodation is key
TENACITY: We thrive on delivering our best work and brightest thinking whatever the project
ACHIEVEMENT: We focus on outcomes and delivery, being results-orientated, just as much as the process in getting there

Our name

And our name "Aurora" where does it come from? Aurora is Goddess of the Dawn - the first to awake, the bringer of clarity and light, a catalyst for new opportunities and moments. She sparkles. We think it's pretty relevant!

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