We do what we love.

And we love what we do!

We've worked for over 160 companies across 17 countries. We've conceptualised and delivered over 200 events, built three business women's networks and published around 10 magazines. We've advertised over 1.1 million jobs, delivered over 25,000 social media posts and built over 10 interactive websites. And all for one reason. To reach and engage female audiences about opportunities, initiatives, products, services - that can enhance and improve their lives - and drive a more inclusive world overall.

Here's just some of the work we've delivered for great companies.

Reaching and engaging female candidates

Via our Where Women Work websites, magazines, newsletters, social media and related activity, we help companies identify and build relationships with female talent. Our sourcing as a service supports recruiters and companies to deliver engaging employer branding activity and compelling employee value propositions. Our "Black Book" for women of high talent provides a discreet and confidential tap on the shoulder for passive female talent connecting them with relevant career opportunities. Unlimited job posting, branded content, sophisticated social media strategy, impressive collateral development - we deliver exciting work with impact that targets interns, apprentices, graduates, experienced hires, women returners and executives.

Auditing the candidate journey experience

A global engineering firm sought to improve the candidate experience right from attraction to onboarding. We delivered a major consulting project for the HR leadership team that audited all relevant policies and procedures including for example the appointments, international assignments, onboarding and governance policies - providing detailed analysis and corresponding recommendations. We also provided robust best practice examples from across industry.

Supporting women's advancement globally

Responsible corporations utilise their products, services and knowledge to actively support and forge women's advancement. When women are actively involved in social, economic, political and cultural development and decision making, the world becomes more sophisticated and equitable. Via our internationalwomensday.com website and related activity we provide a means for corporations to actively support and contribute to women's advancement while significantly amplifying and raising visibility for their work.

Benchmarking and celebrating top employers for women

In 2006 we conceptualised and launched the UK's TOP 50 Employers for Women citation. Over a decade later, the accolade continues to grow from strength to strength. Experienced in auditing, benchmarking and articulating best practice for gender diversity, we've reviewed and assessed hundreds of award submissions. Our strength in crafting and composing compelling corporate award submissions more widely can be attributed to this extensive experience. We've also co-developed, judged and managed numerous women's business awards and submissions.

Positioning telecommunications products and services to women

An example of our work in this area is the deep community, insightful events and strategic perception change activity delivered for a global telecommunications corporation. A thriving offline and online community consistently educated about and exposed to relevant telecommunications solutions resulted in significant customer knowledge development and purchasing with extensive vertical sales achieved. Our impressive digital and print collateral development provided further materials for wider customer marketing.

Relationship building with female financial services clients

Working for a global retail and investment bank, we delivered many large scale business women's events with audiences in excess of 400, through to intimate highly targeted events for high net worth individuals for private banking and the establishment of female investment clubs. We developed and delivered perception enhancement strategies and supported their related sales and marketing activity. We were also commissioned to conduct data-driven research and reporting, as well as participate and drive interest in an exciting awards programme over many years.