We do what we love.

And we love what we do.

We help forge women's equality

Our work isn't about us. It's about our clients. And it's about helping forge women's equality worldwide.

As a company we don't seek recognition, a pat on the back, shiny awards or big applause.

We do what we do because our mission is to support the supporters, those who are on board with us helping forge a more gender-balanced world.

We create opportunities and resources for companies worldwide to forge women's equality - from campaigns and collaborations, to platforms and products.

We support the supporters.

Our work

We're grateful that we get to work on projects with impact. You may have seen our work, here are some examples.

We help deliver the International Women's Day (IWD) platform, work with stakeholders to produce an annual IWD campaign theme, manage the annual IWD Best Practice Competition, and fulfill the IWD merchandise for event managers worldwide.The internationalwomensday.com website has been operating for over two decades, encouraging organizations and groups worldwide to participate in IWD and mark the day through purposeful action. Read more about it here.

We provide the Where Women Work platform that celebrates the achievements of women in the workplace while shining a spotlight on prime employers supporting them.

We've delivered over 500 events for companies seeking to engage female candidates, connect with female consumers, or build trust with female communities. From highly-targeted intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences and major events, we've delivered great work for lots of companies.

We've published over 10 career magazines for women considering careers with corporate employers featuring career paths, talented women employees, and their work.

We founded the UK's TOP 50 list with The Times in 2006 that continues to showcase progressive employers for women annually.

We pioneered GENDEX in 2003, the first gender capital benchmarking SAAS. Piloted by 20 corporations and sold to over 150, its interactive comparative industry data informed practice and later morphed into a further product.

We've conducted for a wide range of clients - diversity audits, candidate experience analysis, diversity consulting, female branding strategy projects, sponsorship securing - many projects aimed at supporting women's equality.

And we've delivered many projects and initiatives for clients that help reinforce and amplify their commitment to women's equality.

Interested in collaborating?

So, if your company is committed to women's equality and you have a specific project or collaboration in mind, please get in touch as we'd love to hear more!